Lapel pin and badges for Space Force
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Space Force troops get temporary lapel pins and badges

Space Force troops are all set to get temporary lapel pins and badges to distinguish themselves from their airmen counterparts.

The lapel pin and the service badge were unveiled by Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman, who is the senior enlisted leader for Space Force.

However, he went on to confirm that these lapel pins and badges will only be used on a temporary basis and will be replaced once the permanent ones are designed.

“This is how we’re going to space up the Air Force uniform while we’re wearing it,” Towberman said last week in a video announcing the new pin. “It doesn’t mean we’ll carry this onto a Space Force uniform when it’s designed.”

It was also mentioned that the specific policy to wear the pin and badge appropriately will be out in a month. During the announcement, Towberman was seen wearing the service badge in the middle of his chest pocket and the pin on the middle of the collar.

Space Force troops also wear the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) as part of their normal duty uniform, which was borrowed from the Army.

While the OCP uniforms are essentially the same as that of the Army, its tapes and badges have ‘Space Blue’ embroidery. They also have space blue name tape on the back of their patrol caps as per the regulations published in August.

Apart from the badges and name tapes, the coyote brown boots, a rigger or standard-issue brown belt, the standard-issue brown fleece jacket, and green or brown socks have been approved on the OCP uniform.

The newly formed Space Force, which currently has 2000 personnel and hopes to reach 6,500 in a year, are yet to have their own uniform for physical training.