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By exclusively serving the Uniform, Footwear and Gear markets, Made To Measure has become the industry’s primary source of buying information. Published semi-annually since 1930, each issue features the advertising of leading suppliers to these important markets.

Promote your Brand and Products to Merchants and Significant Uniform Buyers

If you are looking to promote your brand and products to the merchant and significant uniform buyers, then advertising in UniformMarket’s print and online magazines is your best investment.

It might be the uniform merchant who receives a call from a large customer looking for new options in hi-visibility.

Or the company that services hospitality accounts within a 100 mile radius. They don’t normally sell outerwear, but an existing customer has asked them to provide jackets, caps and vests for the new valet service they are creating.

Perhaps a retailer specializing in medical scrubs gets a call from a government agency in need of new public safety uniforms. They are requesting a local supplier rather than an unknown source online.

For these uniform specialists and thousands more, Made to Measure is the surest way to begin their search.

And you’ll want to be there when they begin their search.

The Primary Source

Made to Measure and UniformMarketNews.com are the industry’s primary sources of buying information.

We have exclusively served the uniform, footwear and gear markets since 1930. Over those years, the magazine has grown and evolved to reflect the changing needs of the industry. There is no more trusted source than Made to Measure. And there is no more frequently visited uniform news website than UniformMarketNews.com.

Each issue features advertising from the leading suppliers to the market. Many of them have been loyal advertisers for generations. They wouldn’t consider missing an issue. You shouldn’t either.

The Indispensable Tool

And why do these suppliers continue to count on Made to Measure for their advertising goals?

Because only Made to Measure has a national circulation of 48,000 of the best prospects for anyone interested in the thriving, specialized markets represented in our readership.

For the new entrepreneur looking to stock his store to the veteran distributor searching to broaden his reach, and for every retailer, dealer, and end-user in between, Made to Measure becomes an indispensable reference tool for product information.

Hit the Target

There’s no more direct link between you and your new business goals than an ad in Made to Measure.

Our coverage and product representation is so thorough that once an issue lands on the desk of anyone in the business, Made to Measure will stay close by and be turned to for reference many times.

Industry insiders know that when their customers request particular merchandise or services, the solutions lie in the pages of Made to Measure. And current advertisers benefit from being a presence in the industry’s leading publication. Each advertising message appearing in Made to Measure can count on being seen multiple times per issue, greatly increasing the value of the initial investment.

The Industry Insiders

With 80 years of knowledge and relationships, no one can cover the uniform, footwear and gear industry like Made to Measure and UniformMarketNews.com. Our editorial is on top of the news, the current trends and exciting innovations. We explore emerging markets, follow the changes in existing business news and always feature styles prominently, especially focusing on uniform programs and awards of note.

Our editorials are written by industry professionals contributing their expertise exclusively to Made to Measure and UniformMarketNews.com.

In each issue, several uniform dealers, distributors and manufacturers are spotlighted with a story and photos. Readers count on articles related to the marketing and selling of successful uniform programs. The editorial coverage educates, inspires and brings motivated readers to your advertisement.

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