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Fall & Winter 2020

Fredrick County Sheriff's Office

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Announces New Uniforms

On January 2nd, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office decided to ditch their older brown uniforms in favor of a green one. The new uniform features an...
Berkeley County Sheriff's Office

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office releases their new uniform

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of upgrading its uniform design with the major design change being its color. As opposed to...
Donate uniforms

Donate Your Excess Merchandise, Improve Your Bottom Line

If your uniform company isn’t yet feeling the pain of the industry slowdown, chances are, you’re bracing for it. After all, manufacturing output has...

Army soldiers to receive official face masks in 2021

Army soldiers are all set to receive official face masks by the second quarter of the fiscal year 2021. The Combat Cloth Face Covering (CCFC)...