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Balena Steps Out with 100-Percent Biodegradable Footwear

Balena Promises 100-Percent Biodegradable Footwear

A material science company, Balena, which is aiming to transform the fashion industry, announced the debut of its eco-chic BioCir Slides. These sliders are...
Komar brands to launch a new faculty

Komar Brands To Build a New Facility in Bryan County Georgia 

On November 14, 2022, the governor of Bryan County— Governor Brian P. Kemp announced that Komar Brands, a global apparel company, will invest $87...
Future of fabrics

Shaping the Future of Fashion with Intelligent Fabrics

What if, in the future, a simple jacket could monitor our health, serve as a smartphone, and guide a hearing-impaired person through public transportation?...
TikTok Plans US Fulfilment Centers 

Tik Tok Betting Big on eCommerce: Plans to Build its Own...

According to the job postings, ByteDance-owned TikTok is looking to build an "international e-commerce fulfillment system" that will include international warehousing, customs clearings, and...
SellersCommerce Makes the Move to MACH to Transform the Future of B2B Ecommerce

SellersCommerce Makes the Move to MACH to Transform the Future of...

SellersCommerce, the Illinois-based leading eCommerce company that is undergoing a complete platform overhaul, is set to implement the MACH framework to overcome the barriers of...
CVS Health to acquire Signify Health

CVS Health to Acquire Home Health Giant Signify Health for $8...

CVS announced a cash acquisition of Signify Health for $30.50 per share. CVS's entry into the in-home health care market is significant. In early August, Signify...
HanesBrands Chosen as a Primary Apparel Partner by the University of Tennessee

HanesBrands becomes Apparel Partner of University of Tennesse  

US-based HanesBrands (HBI), the world's largest supplier of collegiate fan apparel, announced a few days back a new 10-year apparel partnership with the University...
Carolyn B Maloney introduces FABRIC Act

Congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney Initiates FABRIC Act: Act Reaches Federal Level 

The US FABRIC Act, which seeks to address the exploitation of US garment workers, was introduced to the US House of Representatives for the...
Bangladesh Sets Apparel Export targets to $47 Billion for FY23

Bangladesh Sets Apparel Export targets to $47 Billion for FY23 

Bangladesh has set a target of $47 billion in apparel export revenue in fiscal year 2022-23, with a 10.30% growth projection. Commerce Minister Tipu...
Fabric act

FABRIC Act- The First Federal Fashion Bill of US  

“So, we can not only make American, but buy American…”  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York announced a new bill few weeks ago that would...