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Saturday, June 22, 2024
Browzwear And Crystal International partner to bring efficient and sustainable 3D-powered solutions

Browzwear And Crystal International to Bring Sustainable 3D-Powered Solutions 

A pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, Browzwear is all set to partner with Crystal Denim. Together both of them will...
Milliken's expansion in Cherokee County

Milliken & Company to Expand Operations in Cherokee County

The diversified global textile manufacturer, Milliken & Company (Milliken) is all set to expand operations in Cherokee County. Milliken already has operations in more...
Digital native retailers to 2x revenue share

By 2030, Global Digital Native Retailers to 2x Revenue Share: ...

According to Bain & Company, global digital native retailers will more than double their revenue share by 2030. Since investors expect profitability the fastest...
LYCRA introduces Thermolite warmth for socks


THERMOLITE® EVERYDAY WARMTH technology for socks has been launched by the global developer of sustainable and innovative fiber and technology solutions for the apparel...
THAW introduces heated insoles for all weathers

THAW’s Heated Insoles Take Comfort Outdoors 

On a relatively cold day there is a dangerous risk of frostbite. Even after taking all the precautions, one might miss and succumb to...
Future of fabrics

Shaping the Future of Fashion with Intelligent Fabrics

What if, in the future, a simple jacket could monitor our health, serve as a smartphone, and guide a hearing-impaired person through public transportation?...
The LYCRA Co. And HeiQ introduces Lycra® naturalFX™

The LYCRA Co. And HeiQ Introduce New Lycra® naturalFX™  

The LYCRA Co., launches LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology in collaboration with HeiQ.   The LYCRA Co., a global developer of innovative and sustainable fiber and technology solutions...
Fast Fashion: An Environmental Disaster.

Fast Fashion Induced Climate Crisis Looming Large – Can recycling Really...

The fashion industry accounts for up to 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions, according to the United Nations Environment Programme. That’s more than global shipping and air...
‘Forever chemicals’ detected in school uniforms in USA & Canada

‘Forever chemicals’ Detected in School Uniforms in USA & Canada 

A new study has discovered the presence of toxic PFAS (referred to as “forever” chemicals) in stain-resistant school uniforms commonly worn by children in...
The Recent Amazon Care Failure Shows the Challenges in the Changing Health Care System 

The Recent Amazon Care Failure Shows the Challenges in the Changing Health...

When Amazon announced its intention to acquire One Medical earlier this summer, it appeared that something would come to an end: either the One...