Bristol Uniforms releases new stock styles for structural PPE
Latest - August 14, 2020

Bristol Uniforms Releases New Stock Styles for Structural PPE

Bristol Uniform’s latest stock styles for structural PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) have reportedly become in demand among the fire and rescue services around the world. Orders were placed from many countries across the world including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and many more.

The Bristol Uniform’s stock styles were launched at the end of last year. The three stock styles were XFlex, Ergotech Action CEN, and Ergotech Action NFPA. They are specifically built for international customers that adhere to a variety of international standards. Their PPE products are known to be cost-effective and of the highest quality.

The kits are ready-made and can also be personalized by adding heat-sealed patches at the back. Firefighters at Shannon Airport in Ireland were in need of a PPE and arranged a competitive tender.

According to Brian Casey, the Airport Police & Fire Service Training Manager at the Airport, the XFlex stock kit was clearly the most in-demand product of all. He said, “XFlex is good value and certainly offered the best quality. It was also recommended to me by others in the industry.”

His team ordered 73 sets of XFlex stock PPE from fireguard, Bristol Uniforms’ distributor in Eire. The new kit was delivered in May. He also said, “The Bristol Uniforms stock kit is by far the best kit we’ve ever had. I can honestly say we’ve had no issues whatsoever with any of the items we received. They fit very well and are comfortable to wear. My crew is really pleased with them.”

The interest in their stock styles kept growing in all corners of the world with orders coming in for Ergotech Action EN469 PPE from customers in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. The kit was also recently delivered to Kennelbach, Rothis, and Riefensberg fire brigades in Austria and to Petronas Oil and Gas company in Malaysia.