SellersCommerce Makes the Move to MACH to Transform the Future of B2B Ecommerce with its New Headless Platform

SellersCommerce Makes the Move to MACH to Transform the Future of B2B Ecommerce

SellersCommerce, the Illinois-based leading eCommerce company that is undergoing a complete platform overhaul, is set to implement the MACH framework to overcome the barriers of traditional monolithic systems and provide a more digitally fluent experience to its customers.

MACH is an acronym for four marquee technology principles namely Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native SaaS & Headless that are instrumental in the development of customer-centric eCommerce systems in the digital era.

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The MACH architecture will pave the way for SellersCommerce to build a truly headless enterprise B2B eCommerce solutions with multiple best-in-breed microservices developed and deployed independently to carry out specific tasks, as opposed to a monolithic “all-in-one” suite. This approach will help their customers cut down implementation costs and scale faster without any downtime.

This upcoming new composable B2B eCommerce software aims to deliver superior user experience, faster scalability, and seamless integration between PLM, Shipping, OMS, and ERP systems for businesses to grow and thrive. Being a cloud-native solution, users will be able to easily customize and craft hyper-personalized online experiences for increased customer engagement and loyalty.  

“As a lifelong technologist, I figured that a dynamic user experience transcending time, place, and devices is the need of the hour. And microservices are the best bet to achieve it for the amount of robustness and fluidity they can bring into your system. This will be our biggest upgrade in a long time, and I cannot wait to see how the new platform will enable our partners to achieve great things.”

– Ashok Reddy, CEO, SellersCommerce

Maximizing B2B eCommerce Growth with MACH Architecture: What it means for customers
  • Succeed with Speed: With MACH architecture, drive rapid deployments, ease of innovation and endless front-end manifestations – all powered through the core SellersCommerce cloud
  • Cloud-native to the Core: A cloud-based delivery model allows for elastic scaling without the need of upgrading the backend
  • Integrate to Excel: Seamless sync PIM, ERP and all back-office apps with built-in enterprise integrators to stay on top of critical business data

About SellersCommerce: SellersCommerce is a leading 360-degree B2B eCommerce provider empowering enterprise businesses to build, innovate and grow their online business. It specializes in customizing and creating stellar digital experiences.

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