Medical Scrub Trends to look for in 2022 and Beyond

Medical Scrub Trends to look for in 2022 and Beyond
Keeping an eye on the latest Medical Scrubs trends for the best style and comfort 

Today healthcare workers are the true VIPs, as such thoughtful, comfort-inspired details in medical scrub fashions are increasingly being found to help them look and feel their best. New-age doctors, nurses, and medical staff need a range of medical scrubs that are perfect in safety & comfort. 

We all know that though these environments are not quite as glamorous as others, that does not mean that people who work here don’t deserve to look and feel like anything less. After all healthcare providers are our true superheroes. 

Our team surveyed a few healthcare professionals & medical scrub designers to learn what’s inspiring them now, and to predict what the medical scrub fashion will look like in 2022 and beyond. Here’s a list of what we can expect: 

  • A wide variety of silhouettes 
  • Making athleisure the epitome of medical scrubs 
  • Focus on making the Uniforms more Functional 
  • Achieving the perfect fit, and  
  • Ideal men’s and women’s medical scrub designs 

Let’s know what medical scrubs are and the trends we can expect. 

What are medical scrubs? 

Medical scrubs are sanitary clothing worn by doctors, nurses, and other workers involved in the healthcare industry. Medical scrubs are made to be simple (with few places for contaminants to hide), easy to launder, and inexpensive to replace if they become damaged or stained irreparably. 

Medical Scrub Trends to look for in 2022 and beyond: 

Trend 1: Incorporating more variety and style 

Medical scrub designs are becoming more varied, which is great news for those who enjoy them. It also makes it easier to find on-trend clothing for different body shapes and sizes. 

"There is a growing resurgence of fuller fits and leg shapes outfits such as fit and flare.''

Styles will increasingly bridge the fashion-function divide. Scrub bottoms will look like designer streetwear, while jogger scrub pants will remain a popular uniform staple. Meanwhile, the scrub fabric will continue to combine fashion and function. 

Today the medical uniform producers and the fashion industry have come together to design and produce trendy scrubs for the medical industry. Top-notch designers have entered the space to make their mark in designing medical scrubs, gowns, and overall medical uniforms. 

Trend 2: Making athleisure the epitome of medical scrubs 

We’re all aware that there’s negligible “WFH” involved in healthcare work. However, the high-end touches that found their way into designer leisure and activewear clothing are now making their way into healthcare apparel. 

For medical practitioners wearing scrubs, comfort is always the key. Comfortable scrubs and overall medical uniforms are much trendier today and will continue to be a priority in the future for designers and healthcare workers. 

These comfortable, casual styles may appear to be effortless, but they require a great deal of thought and care to design, especially when meeting the unique needs of healthcare workers. 

Trend 3: Functional uniforms to see an uptick in demand post-2022 

Pockets have always been important in medical scrub design to help healthcare workers with their daily tasks. But who says you can’t add “more” details to medical uniforms to boost their style and self-expression? 

From a pen holder to a scissor pocket or device holder, every detail will carefully be considered so that whoever is wearing scrub uniforms can meet their daily needs 

Designers predict the following surprising details for 2022 and beyond: pleating, volume, lace, zippers, and crafted details. In 2022, they believe in “expecting the unexpected.” Unique trim placements, exaggerated proportions, eye-catching materials/substrates, and texture mixing to enhance visual interest. 

Trend 4: Achieving the perfect fit 

Health care professionals wearing medical scrubs should feel good and comfortable with every movement they make. As much time will be taken into the fitting process as it will be imperative that the fit of every style is great. Medical providers will go to a series of prototypes to ensure that workers get the best possible fit. 

Body type inclusivity will be part of the design process from the start. 
Trend 5: Prioritizing antimicrobial scrubs 

The need to protect healthcare workers will always be at the top of the mind of designers. Healthcare workers understand the importance of self-care and this pandemic has brought this to light. 

Trends for antimicrobial fabric that inhibits germs, mold, mildew, and odor, as the new scrub product line will be seen more in 2022. It shall be a product offering for both women and men, with a heightened message about the fabric’s added antimicrobial properties. 

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Summing up 

Medical scrubs are more than just a fashion statement that distinguishes professional from the crowd. Pretty colors and patterns help to break up the monotony and allow medical staff to express a little bit of their style while still maintaining a professional appearance. 

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