Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Announces New Uniforms

Fredrick County Sheriff's Office
Image: FCSO

On January 2nd, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office decided to ditch their older brown uniforms in favor of a green one.

The new uniform features an olive-green polo t-shirt with the FCSO badge on the left side of the chest, and the deputy’s name and ranking on the right side for those ranked corporals or higher.

The polo t-shirts come in both long and short sleeves. On the back of the t-shirt and on the sleeves, ‘Sheriff’ is printed in reflective lettering.

The deputies will wear coyote-colored tactical pants and boots. The older sheriff’s uniform consisted of a dark brown shirt, light brown pants, and black boots.

This transition began in April last year when the deputies faced trouble in getting their uniforms dry-cleaned due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

“Although I’ve always favored the traditional uniform look, the need to make a transition presented itself, and deputies were temporarily approved to wear the tan tactical pants and black polo shirts typically worn for special assignments and events,” Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said in the statement.

According to Jenkins and the Sheriff’s office, the less formal attire appeared to be just as sharp as the older uniforms with an additional advantage of an easier cleaning process.

The Sheriff’s Office also found the new tactical pants and polo t-shirts to be practical, functional, comfortable, and much more durable for daily wear.

Around 185 officers will be transitioning to the new uniform. It’s the first uniform change for the Sheriff’s office for many decades.

“I really believe you can argue that the new look may be slightly less intimidating to the general public and presents just as well,” Jenkins said. “Other huge benefits to this change, now and long term, include the tremendous cost savings in issuing and replacing the uniform and associated dry cleaning.”