Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office releases their new uniform

Berkeley County Sheriff's Office
Image: BCSO

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of upgrading its uniform design with the major design change being its color.

As opposed to their regular blue uniforms, deputies will now be sporting green uniforms with a new patch design.

The new design change is believed to make the deputies stand out from the rest of the agencies and make it easier for citizens to recognize them.

“We want to be seen in everything that we do,” Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said. “There are many times where the Sheriff’s Office and our municipal partners are on the scene together on a call and our citizens may be confused about which agency a law enforcement officer represents. With the new uniform reveal, it will make it clear to our community who we are.”

The new uniform’s design also includes a new patch that features a BCSO badge that is situated between the American flag and the South Carolina state flag with a black background and gold lettering and outlining.