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Spring & Summer 2014

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Aberdeen P.D. by Red the Uniform Tailor

By Peter Hildebrandt Police officers throughout the country are often their community’s unsung heroes, putting their lives on the line daily to insure public safety....

Pro Pacific

By Tyler L. Barnett More than three decades ago in Los Angeles, Scott Brownberger and his wife, Lindy, began making promotional merchandise for the entertainment...

HWC Textiles

By Jackie Rosselli What’s in a name? Well, that depends on who is answering the question. For industry veterans, HWC stands for Hamburger Woolen Company,...

Dancing Ahead

The Scrub Club means Fashion & Fun Under the Sun By Kathy Halper A customer walking into the Scrub Club on a late afternoon may unknowingly...

Lasting Legacy

By Kathy Halper Janet Smith has uniforms in her blood. At the age of four, Janet helped her parents iron pants by standing on a...

Can a Uniform be a Costume?

By Peter Hildebrandt Most people might think they have a good idea of what constitutes a uniform being worn by someone hard at work in...

Give and Take

By Joe Greco Why is supplying the uniform industry different than manufacturing for the retail trade, and why is this business attractive to me? Manufacturing...

Accurate Law Enforcement

By Jackie Rosselli Anyone looking for police products is certain to find them at Accurate Law Enforcement. But don’t be fooled by the name; ALE...