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Future of fabrics

Shaping the Future of Fashion with Intelligent Fabrics

What if, in the future, a simple jacket could monitor our health, serve as a smartphone, and guide a hearing-impaired person through public transportation?...
Cotton that has been recycled is transformed into new fabric

Re-cycled Cotton Becomes New and Emerging Fabric 

In the textile industry, sustainability is still at the forefront of product decisions, brand initiatives, and strategic planning. The use of recycled materials, including...
Vietnam S America

Vietnam and South America Collaborate to Establish a Textile Supply Chain. 

Vietnam and South American countries are collaborating to establish a supply chain for textile enterprises on both sides. Cooperation in areas such as raw...
Reusing School Uniforms: A Scheme That is Gaining Popularity

Reusing School Uniforms: A scheme adopted in North Shropshire 

Plastics, aluminum, glass, and paper are well-known examples of recyclable materials. But what about textiles and clothing? Or, more precisely, uniforms? Can old uniforms...

THERE ARE NO LIMITS: Uniforms Unlimited Begins Another Century of Growth

BULLISH ON THE MARKET We are very bullish on the uniform industry, says Jon Radabaugh, owner of Uniforms Unlimited. The statement is not made with...

Re-engineering uniform industry DNA

The Uniform Genome The human genome is the entirety of our hereditary information, and genetic engineering is the manipulation of the DNA that forms our...

Predicting the Future: How Churchwell Has Stayed, and Plans to Stay,...

The Churchwell Company has been around more than 100 years. But there’s nothing old fashioned about this family business. From the first appearance of...
Medical scrub market to grow

Medical Scrubs Market to Reach USD 140.64 Billion by 2028 |...

According to the information published by Fortune Business Insights in one of its reports, states that the global medical scrubs market is projected to...
THAW introduces heated insoles for all weathers

THAW’s Heated Insoles Take Comfort Outdoors 

On a relatively cold day there is a dangerous risk of frostbite. Even after taking all the precautions, one might miss and succumb to...
Milliken's expansion in Cherokee County

Milliken & Company to Expand Operations in Cherokee County

The diversified global textile manufacturer, Milliken & Company (Milliken) is all set to expand operations in Cherokee County. Milliken already has operations in more...