The LYCRA Co. And HeiQ Introduce New Lycra® naturalFX™  

The LYCRA Co. And HeiQ introduces Lycra® naturalFX™
The LYCRA Co., launches LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology in collaboration with HeiQ.  

The LYCRA Co., a global developer of innovative and sustainable fiber and technology solutions introduces LYCRA® naturalFX™ technology, a proprietary textile finishing process for 100-percent cotton knit garments designed for mass market applications. Developed in collaboration with HeiQ, a supplier of performance finish technologies, this application brings innovation and sustainable textile technologies more into the picture. 

LYCRA naturalFX technology, powered by HeiQ, enhances cotton knitwear and addresses critical consumer pain points by improving the consumer’s overall wearing experience. The company can provide 100 percent cotton knitwear with durable comfort stretch, fit and soft-hand feel through this technology. Even after repeated washing and wearing, knitwear with LYCRA naturalFX technology will retain its shape. This will also extend the garment’s lifespan and potentially reduce its environmental impact. 

“LYCRA naturalFX technology enhances the stretch and recovery properties of cotton knit fabrics and does so in a durable way with outstandingly soft hand,” said Nicolas Banyols, chief commercial officer at The LYCRA Co. “This breakthrough innovation not only improves the performance of everyday 100-percent cotton knitwear but is easy for mills to implement as it requires no investment in new equipment. We value HeiQ’s technical expertise and are excited to collaborate on the commercialization of this technology.” 

For quality control testing all knits that use LYCRA naturalFX technology can be submitted to The LYCRA Co.’s labs, which will ensure that all benefits are delivered, including comfort stretch, breathability, and durable fit. There will be new logos featured on both brands. It will also be supported by customizable co-branded POS materials featuring the tagline, “In Sync with Nature’s Rhythm”.

The LYCRA Co. will lead the commercialization of this technology, and HeiQ will collaborate and support them through their brand network and manufacturing and selling the finishing directly to textile mills.  

“Combining The LYCRA Company’s expertise in stretch fibers with HeiQ’s renowned innovation in textile chemical finishing has resulted in a truly unique, added-value technology that offers enhanced performance to cotton knitwear,” added Mike Mordente, head of the business unit textiles at HeiQ. “I am confident that LYCRA naturalFX technology will open up a new generation of enhanced stretch and recovery garments with comfort and durability.” 

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