Canada chooses new combat uniform design for soldiers

Image for representational purpose only

After trying out various designs and after lengthy trials with numerous camouflage designs, the Canadian Forces has chosen a new pattern for its standard combat uniform.

Submission requests have been sent to the manufacturers for bids to supply material for the new design with an initial order of 390,000 meters of material. Bids will be submitted by May 12.

The latest design which is unique is set to replace two of the current digital designs. Until the 1990’s, the Canadian soldier’s combat uniforms were a solid olive green color. However, that uniform design isn’t providing a suitable camouflage in today’s digital world.

So extensive research ensured to come up with a more high tech design for the Canadian Combats. These Canadian Combats are known as ‘Fatigues’ in the U.S.

This unique and pixelated digital design for combat operations is known as CADPAT-TW (Canadian Disruptive Pattern- Temperate Woodland).

Back in 2003, an additional design which is known as the CADPAT-AR (Arid Regions) was hastily created. This was when the soldiers were sent to Afghanistan with the forest green TW combats. This, however, stood out glaringly against the desert-like tan and light brown background of the country.

The latest design which is known as the CADPAT-MT (Multi-Terrain) will eventually replace both the TW and AR versions.

The latest design overhaul is part of the Soldier Operational Clothing and Equipment Modernization (SOCEM) programme.

The program is also looking to redesign the existing helmets, ballistic, footwear, safety equipment, and other accessories.

Fun fact, a maple leap is also integrated into the new combat uniform’s design.