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PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS: The products and industry

Promotional products are broadly defined as anything imprinted with a companys name, logo or sales message. These items traditionally included useful (pens, mugs, magnets,...

QUESTION: What do the uniform and promotional products industries have in common?

The lines have definitely crossed. There once was a clear distinction between a uniform item and an ad specialty product. Now, with a logo...

CASE STUDY PERSPECTIVE: Dave Grandstaff from Southeast Promotional Products and Uniforms

"I think selling both uniforms and promotional products is a natural because the customer base is basically the same. In all fairness, the uniform...

Key Strategies: Web Site Promotion A Primer for the Uniform Industry

By Joe Dysart While virtually every player in the industry has a Web presence now, Internet marketing consultants warn that without proper marketing and promotion,...

Selling National Accounts

By Jack Tridico Over the course of 25 years in the uniform and apparel industry, I have been involved with many different types of accounts:...

Location Location Location: A few retailers found the perfect location… and they keep moving it…

By Susan Derby Retail stores have had to be innovative to keep themselves competitive and convenient. First, the catalog came along, allowing people to order...

KEEPRS: A Legacy for Success

By Susan Derby It's a little odd to think that a successful retail shop started from a tragic event, but... In January 1996, Officer Brian Klinefelter,...


Awarded by the NAUMD and Career Apparel Institute The entrants of the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors' (NAUMD) 2002 Image of the Year...

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