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The Driving Force Behind Impact Images

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Impact Images began as a sole-ownership business and incorporated in 1981. Back then, the company's only business was commercial printing...

From the Blazer King to Don’s Group Attire

by George Brant Don's Group Attire of Seattle, Wash., sits on 7,000 square feet of property, spans two floors, operates four embroidery machines with a...

Proud to serve: American Uniforms Sales Inc.

by Grant Rosenberg Shamdasani, president of American Uniform Sales Inc., headquartered in Fayetteville, N.C. When his ability to recall this date so quickly is remarked...

The Upside of a Down Economy: Two Businesses Doing it Right and Sharing Their Stories

By Jackie Rosselli Much has been written about the unsettled economy of 2009. But amid the gloom and doom the term "The Great Recession"...

Ed Roehr Gives Cops a One-Stop Shop

By Susan Derby T he Ed Roehr Safety Products Company of today looks very different than what it was 60 years ago. Back in the 1940s,...

(Re)Doing it Right at Imlay’s Uniforms

By Susan Derby Melanie Imlay knows her scrubs inside and out. That's because she worked as a nurse before she opened her own medical uniforms...

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