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ERGONOMICS: A Safe Bet On The Job

By Bernadette Doran Say the word "ergonomics," and most people think of a chair that supports good posture and sits you high enough at your...

Electrified: U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center explores ways to manufacture wired clothing

Future warrior systems include heads-up displays, global positioning systems, combat identification sensors, chemical detectors, electronically controlled weapons and physiological status monitors connected to the...

Discovering A Danish Shoe: How Dansko brought clogs to work

"These were the best shoes Id ever worn," says Amanda Cabot. AMANDA CABOT AND PETER KJELLERUP were on a business trip to Denmark in the...

The Resizing of America

by Bernadette Doran "Don't look now," says Peter Genovese of Newhouse News Service, "but Generation X is on its way to becoming Generation XL." Maybe...

Pro-tuff Pedals Down The Bike Medic Uniform Path

by Grant Rosenberg As more and more people attend regional festivals, special events and outdoor activities, bike-mounted medical personnel are becoming a common sight. With...

All the World’s a Stage, Even the World of Uniforms

by Jackie Rosselli What's a woman with a background in the arts and theatre doing in the uniform business? Plenty, if she's Karen Gerson, founder...

Mapping the Road to Success

By Susan Bisset Some people just have a knack for finding their way without a map. Drop them in a vaguely familiar neighborhood with some...

The Oak Leaf and the Acorn: A Look at Coast Guard Dress Caps

Throughout American military history, the dress cap has been an apparel mainstay of the different branches of the Armed Forces. With some variations in...

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