Murata Machinery Ltd. will showcase its groundbreaking ‘VORTEX yarn’ functionalities for apparel makers

Murata Machinery Ltd. will showcase its groundbreaking ‘VORTEX yarn’ functionalities for apparel makers

Murata Machinery Ltd., based in Japan, will showcase its ground-breaking ‘VORTEX® yarn’ at a knowledge-sharing grand event for Bangladesh apparel makers on October 16 at the Radisson Blue hotel in Dhaka.  

Their current and prospective customers will attend the knowledge sharing grand event to learn more about the VORTEX yarn. 

Murata believes that the Bangladesh market has enormous potential 

Bangladesh’s Readymade Garment (RMG) industry is well-known around the world for producing clothing. While the VORTEX yarn stands out in the production of fashion apparel due to its numerous unique features, the company also provides high quality value-added yarn with high function and fashion applicability. 

As a result, Murata sees enormous potential in the Bangladesh market. As the industry rapidly evolves, all renowned global brands and retailers are shifting more value-added and technical garments to Bangladesh. 

VORTEX strives to provide yarn that consistently produces high-quality products, creates exciting new value, and is both user- and environmentally friendly. 

VORTEX yarn has impressive features 

Textile factories are currently dealing with issues in apparel products such as hairiness on the surface, which causes pilling, non-durable garments, spirality, and so on.  

The yarn VORTEX has brought forth innovative creations as well as new application techniques in the textile apparel sector. This advanced yarn has produced an impressive feature in textile performance. Its unique fiber structure is controlled to produce a special performance in textiles. 

VORTEX yarn benefits 
  • Less hairiness and a more refined appearance 
  • High pilling and abrasion resistance 
  • High water absorption 
  • Less shrinkage and excellent wash resistance 
  • Cotton, synthetic fiber, regenerated fiber, and blended fiber can all be spun with this material. 

VORTEX yarns have a wide range of functional uses and provide the yarn with a variety of functionalities. The functionality of VORTEX yarn provides Bangladeshi apparel manufacturers with numerous applications ranging from apparel and distribution to product development proposals. 

Using VORTEX yarns, many value-added or differentiated products have been developed all over the world. VORTEX yarn has been used to promote products to apparel and distribution companies in over 20 countries around the world. 

VORTEX yarn is used in a variety of fashion items and fabrics, from casual to formal, and from daily necessities to luxury items, such as underwear, leggings, formal wear, traditional costume, bed sheet, towel, socks, flame retardant uniforms, bottom, carpet, golf bag, and so on. 

“In recent years, Bangladesh apparel and textile industry has developed rapidly and vigorously. Murata Machinery Ltd. is one of the world’s key producers of VORTEX yarn’’. 

‘’We see an immense potential here in Bangladesh market due to robust demand for VORTEX® yarn which has increased in the past few years and it will continue to increase,” said Shunya Okumura, Executive (Sales). 

“Bangladesh Readymade Garment (RMG) industry—the second largest exporter in the world–is globally renowned for its quality apparel items. Murata Machinery Ltd. wants to show the potential of VORTEX® yarn usage to its existing and prospective clients in the upcoming knowledge sharing grand event. ‘’ 

‘’VORTEX yarn with its various unique features and structures creating special performance in textiles along with its high function and fashion acceptability,” said Takuji Yamaoka, Area Manager (South Asia). 

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