Livinguard Creates First-Ever Self-Disinfecting Scrubs With EPA-Registered Textiles

Livinguard Self-Disinfecting Scrubs

Swiss-based hygiene technology company, Livinguard, is leading the innovation in healthcare apparel to provide better comfort, safety, and functionality to medical professionals.

The company’s latest offering is a line of self-disinfecting scrubs, under scrubs and lab coats made using EPA-registered textiles. They are reported to continuously self-sterilize throughout the day, thus maximizing the safety & hygiene of healthcare workers in this post-pandemic world. 

The technology has been tested for hypoallergenic skin sensitivity and durability. Therefore, it’s time scrub and medical wear manufacturers start to incorporate this feature in their products to better safeguard the health of medical professionals, their families, and their patients alike.

CEO Sanjeev Swamy is extremely delighted to be able to leverage technology for the welfare of those who are braving the odds day in and day out for everyone’s well-being. 

He said “We are thrilled to be able to quickly deploy technology to kill bacteria and launch state-of-the-art scrubs available to healthcare professionals. Livinguard scrubs are important for controlling and reducing bacterial levels in the medical setting. We have the opportunity to partner with clinics, hospital systems, medical associations, and companies working to adopt the highest hygiene standards for the better well-being of employees, patients, and customers. I am excited.” 

Regular scrubs are no match for Livinguard’s fit, comfort, and technology. They’re competitively priced, available in a wide range of styles & colors, and bear numerous pockets to ensure the wearers can carry essential work items or personal belongings easily.

Livinguard is also the world’s first company approved by the EPA for its self-disinfecting properties on textiles and licenses patented technologies to companies across industries committed to improving the health & well-being of their end consumers.

Scrubs and medical uniform manufacturers can greatly benefit from this state-of-the-art technology Livinguard has come up with. In this post-pandemic world where work safety and hygiene are given utmost priority, being able to create scrubs that self-sanitize and keep healthcare professionals protected in infection-prone environments is a terrific advantage.

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