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FeaturedProductsBurlington Introduces Just U.S. Fine Worsteds

Burlington is introducing Just U.S. fine worsted wool fabrics woven and finished in the United States. Inspired by more than 55 years of Burlington worsted expertise, the Just U.S. fabric collection offers classical style in contemporary designs for today’s modern gentleman.

The Just U.S. fabric collection is targeted for use in higher-quality men’s trousers, suits, suit separates, blazers and sport coats. It also can be used for made-to-measure applications, by custom tailors, and by branded department stores and specialty shops.

products_burlington“Burlington’s new collection of fine worsted fabrics opens up exciting opportunities for made in America better apparel,” says Peter Baumann, senior vice president of merchandising for Burlington Menswear. “Fine worsted fabrics are a pillar to creating contemporary classic styling, but more recently these fabrics have not been produced in the United States. With our new Just U.S. worsteds, made in Cordova and Raeford, North Carolina, designers and brands can now reconnect the heritage of classic men’s dress with modern constructions and color ways for performance and year-round comfort.”

Burlington’s worsted heritage dates back to 1954 and centers on the wool expertise of the Burlington Raeford brand, named after the plant where it is produced. Raeford worsteds are known throughout the U.S. military and better menswear brands worldwide for its quality and superior color match capabilities. Raeford has been the primary supplier of worsted wool and wool blend fabrics for all branches of the U.S. military for more than 50 years.

“Our people make the difference,” says Baumann. “Producing fine worsteds is both a science and an art. Science can be duplicated, but the expertise of our employees and their years of worsted experience is unparalleled. The Just U.S. fabric collection creates a new Americana, bringing together our Raeford heritage and expertise with contemporary designs – all made in the U.S.”



Superior Uniform Group Develops Innovative Fabric Scrubs

products_superiorAs fabrics and styles continue to evolve, they have a direct impact on the apparel and uniforms used in the healthcare industry. Fashion Seal Healthcare’s scrubs, with 100 percent polyester fabric, is a prime example of how fabrics have evolved within the healthcare industry. Fabrics used for scrubs have transitioned from 100 percent cotton to a cotton/poly blend to a poly/cotton blend and now 100 percent polyester. Scrubs made with 100 percent polyester are nothing like the old leisure suits from back in the day.

Today’s polyester is part of the new generation of fabrics coming to market. This new era of polyester can be made from recycled plastics and/or a wide variety of different types of polymers. In fact, these new synthetic yarns are more breathable and also much stronger than other fabric blends, thus helping in the reduction of the need for replacements within the laundry environment. Additionally, the new polyester scrubs offer wonderful draping and comfort properties that are much more appealing to today’s demanding consumer.

Furthermore, manufacturers are adding cutting-edge features to such fabrics including wrinkle resistance, color retention, moisture wicking, odor control and anti-microbial finishes. These features satisfy end users, as well as healthcare facilities and laundries.

In recent years scrub styles have evolved into fresh, fashionable designs. To appease fashion-forward employees, manufacturers are producing retail-inspired scrubs. Features such as split necklines, cargo pockets, flared pant legs and vibrant color selections are allowing healthcare employees to wear trendy uniforms that mimic the styling of garments found at an apparel store at the local mall. Such styling features have a direct impact on the morale and overall appearance for the end user.

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products_workriteWorkrite Uniform Company Expands Dickies FR Clothing Line

Workrite Uniform Company has expanded its line of Dickies FR due to the line’s popularity. The Dickies FR line represents the durable, stylish work wear Dickies has been known for since it began manufacturing work wear in 1922, and this line of flame-resistant (FR) clothing brings that trusted heritage to the men and women whose jobs put them at risk of their clothes igniting.

These new Dickies styles maintain the same levels of comfort, durability, fit and protection as the entire Dickies line under the Workrite Uniform umbrella, a leading provider of high-quality FR work wear worldwide. The line is constructed with premium 88/12 cotton/nylon twill and 100 percent cotton denim and duck FR fabrics.

products_workrite2Thirteen new FR products have been added to the Dickies FR line, including:
• Five Dickies shirts (e.g., standard work shirt, button-down work shirts, snap-front style)
• Two of the most popular jeans (five-pocket and carpenter styles)
• Three new colors of relaxed straight-fit pants
• Two insulated hooded jackets in brown and navy duck fabric

“This expansion is a testament to the consistently strong and positive demand for our Dickies FR line and the power of the Dickies brand in the American workforce,” says Lew White, vice president of marketing at Workrite. “Like the entire Dickies collection, these new styles are carefully constructed with high-quality materials that meet or exceed safety standards and are designed with the individual employee in mind.”



products_dupontDupont Promotes Safety Product For Oil Workers

North Dakota’s oil boom has sparked business development for those specializing in fireproof clothing. Working on a rig or well site is a dangerous job and requires certain uniforms and standards to reduce the impact of a flash fire.

Dupont was promoting its demonstration at a recent petroleum conference, as “the hottest event of the day” and they weren’t kidding. On May 21, they tested a variety of clothing from street wear to coveralls in a chamber with eight propane tanks that created a 3,000-degree blaze for four seconds on a special mannequin with sensors. The sensors recorded the type of burn a worker would sustain from a flash fire and demonstrated the importance of choosing the right fire-resistant clothing for the industry.

“Pretty much every single job out there involving work in the oil and gas industry needs flame-resistant uniforms,” says Travis McHaul of G&K Services.

“What a company needs to do is understand what are the hazards and how they’re going to protect their workers from hazards. Different technologies are going to perform differently so if they do that assessment, they will be choosing the right product for the application to make sure their employees can go home each and every day,” says Thermal Education Specialist Brad Eaton.



products_bulletsafeBulletSafe Unveils Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest at Revolutionary Price

BulletSafe is proud to introduce the BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vest. The MSRP on the Level IIIA BulletSafe Vest is just $299, a competitive price for that level of protection. The company says the price is revolutionary because it will allow more people access to the safety and protection that a bulletproof vest provides.

The vest’s Level IIIA protection will meet the needs of most every customer, will stop almost all handgun bullets and will keep customers safe. The vest is comfortable, secure and easily upgradable, with armor pockets in the front and rear.

BulletSafe.com offers just one bulletproof vest. This simplifies the shopping process for the customer and allows them to keep the price unbelievably low. The company’s team chose one style of vest that would be as useful as possible to as many people as possible. They offer five sizes for the perfect protective fit.

Many people consider buying bulletproof vests at some point in life but are put off by the high price tag. Cops, security guards, shop owners and workers, surveyors, park rangers, volunteers, bank employees, couriers, war photographers and many others take the risk of being shot and killed. The BulletSafe IIIA Bullet Proof Vest provides top-notch, affordable protection and safety for everyone.



products_uniqloUniqlo Designed MoMA Security Staff’s New Uniforms

It looks like the Museum of Modern Art and Japanese fast-fashion brand Uniqlo are deepening their love affair. Uniqlo has been commissioned to design state-of-the-art new uniforms for the MoMA’s security staff.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the stylish suits feature Uniqlo’s innovative AIRism and Heattech innerwear under their uniforms in warm and cold weather. AIRism’s comfort-enhancing features include moisture absorption, anti-odor and heat release to help stay cool and dry, while Heattech retains heat, is fast absorbing and controls odors.

The uniforms made their debut in June. In addition to the heating and cooling technology, “careful attention was paid to determine the number of pockets needed and their location,” according to a press release. The suits also feature subtle MoMA red accents around the button holes and on the lapels. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and the perfect number of pockets? The staff at rival museums will surely be clamoring for new get-ups of their own.

The relationship between Uniqlo and MoMA began with art-branded T-shirts and other gear featuring artworks from the likes of Warhol, Basquiat and Pollock before continuing with the company sponsoring free admission nights at the institution.

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