Top 40 Suppliers In The Promo Market in 2019


With a 20% rise in 2018 sales that featured a product line of apparel and other hard goods, Alphabroder topped SanMar in Counselor’s 2019 rankings for the second straight year

Both companies are expected to eclipse the $2 billion mark in future yearly promo revenue.

Aside from the industry’s largest suppliers revenue continuing to grow, one noticeable change is Heritage Sportswear falling out of the top 10 after a recent liquidation. Heritage made a reported $141.6 million in 2017 but had financial struggles that they were unable to meet with creditors. 

Despite Heritage’s exit from the top 10, three new firms joined the 2019 Top 40 Supplier list – which is led by iClick.

Below is the list of the Top 40 Suppliers of 2019.

Note: All revenues represent North American sales.