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Spring & Summer 2017

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Members Only

  By Jackie Rosselli   There are 27,000 associations in North America, the majority of which are in decline. Market consolidation, an aging membership, and technology have...

Wing Tips

Editor’s Note Made to Measure Magazine recognizes that the American Airlines uniform update has met with controversy. Employees have made their complaints known, management has...

It’s Miller Time

By Jackie Rosselli   Ask any dealer what distinguishes his brand, and chances are the response will be very familiar: service. Service is the uniform industry’s...

Modern Identification

  By Hilary Valentine   Hardly a day goes by when a person doesn’t come into contact with a person in uniform. Uniforms are a staple in...

Recognition Up High

  Every winter, ski instructors, lift attendants and snow patrol spend long hours out in the cold, all in the interest of promoting a safe...

All Fired Up

  Bob Dietz believes in the power of ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things – and he carries out that vision every day. As founder...

Freshen Up, Officer

By Larry Berstein For most adults, the question of what to wear is something they must answer every morning. For those who serve as police...