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Spring & Summer 2005

Getting Overstock Out-of-Stock

By Carol Brzozowski Alamar Uniforms does a booming business, with a product line for the career, chef, healthcare, public safety, security and industrial sectors. The company...

School Uniforms: Sizing Uniforms For Todays Students

By Beth Silver, Doubet Consulting When schools evaluate school uniform programs, they invariably ask two questions: what sizes are made and will local retailers carry...

The Apron: A Remarkably Versatile Uniform All By Itself

By Mark Rowh Would the average person characterize an apron as a uniform? At first thought, the answer might be no since this handy item consists...

Rethink Your Knit Shirt Marketing Strategies

By Randi Blumenthal, VP New Business Development, Penn Emblemand Mike Carter, President, Century Place What are you selling? Are you just selling garments, or are...

Law Enforcement Programs: Changes Reflected In Best Dressed Law Enforcement Department...

By Donna J. Pierson,Director of Marketing & Communications, NAUMDand Carol Brzozowski, Freelance Writer When Sheriff Terry Johnson was elected in December 2002 to head up...

Weathering The Storm, JR Manno

By Susan Derby Starting a business from scratch proves to be very challenging and potentially risky. Problems can spring up around every corner, from finding...

Ad Meyers Stands The Test of Time

By Susan Derby Comparing the uniform industry of the 1940s to the 2000s is like comparing a squirrel to a lion both are animals...

Industrial Market: A Diverse, Uniform-Friendly Landscape

By Jackie Rosselli Unlike other industry segments, the industrial uniform market is diverse, affording great opportunity to both the manufacturer and distributor. The customer base is...