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U.S. Air Force

Air Force removes uniform barrier for women, allows pants with the...

According to a press release by the U.S. Air Force on Tuesday, August 4, it has lifted a uniform barrier for women and now allows them...
Blauer Manufacturing to Receive Notice of Award from Sourcewell

Blauer Manufacturing to Receive Notice of Award from Sourcewell

Evanston, IL – July 1, 2020 – For its nationally competed contract for Uniforms and Related Services, it was announced today that Blauer Manufacturing...
Multi Store Ecommerce platform

The Various Uses of a Multi-Store Ecommerce Platform

You may be wondering why you need a Multi-Store Ecommerce Platform. You may also be wondering what one even is. We got you. In...

Hospital Linen Supply to Value at USD 14.56 Mn by 2031|TMR...

The market is being bolstered by an increase in the number of hospitalisations due to an increase in the incidence of various health issues...
chosen payments

What exactly does your credit card processor do?

Whether you pay your credit card processor one lump sum at the end of the month or have a little amount deducted from your daily batch...

Elevate Textiles Releases 2022 Sustainability Report

Increases industry leadership and reports significant progress against key sustainability goals  April 27, 2022, Charlotte, NC – Elevate Textiles, a global provider of advanced, high...

Getting to Know OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100

If you’re a uniform provider, you’ve likely seen retailers or manufacturers overuse buzzwords like sustainable or organic when labeling and marketing their garments. The...
Lion - Spotlight Interview

On What it Takes to Keep the First Responders Ready for...

One of the largest providers of uniforms & PPE for first-responders around the world, LION Group, has recently announced the acquisition of Elbeco, another...
smart fabrics

The Future of Uniforms: Smart Fabrics

Imagine the jersey you’re wearing at a marathon sending real-time fitness data directly to your doctor. Think about your clothing regulating its own temperature...
Cash App Income

Cash App Income is Taxable; IRS Changes Rules in 2022

Digital Payment platforms such as PayPal, Zelle and Venmo were originally intended to allow friends to quickly transfer money between each other. Cash apps provide a quick and easy...