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USDA to Allocate $50 Million to US Cotton and Wool Apparel Makers Affected by Covid-19 

AGENCY:  Commodity Credit Corporation, Farm Service Agency; Department of Agriculture (USDA).  ACTION:  Announcement of funding availability  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a commitment of $50 million...

Your Clothes Can Have a Second Life

NIST Report Identifies Strategies for Greater Recycling of Textiles In the United States, only approximately 15% of worn clothing and other textiles are reused or...

Vietnam and South America Collaborate to Establish a Textile Supply Chain. 

Vietnam and South American countries are collaborating to establish a supply chain for textile enterprises on both sides. Cooperation in areas such as raw...

On What it Takes to Keep the First Responders Ready for Action: An Interview with Stephen Schwartz, CEO – LION, INC

One of the largest providers of uniforms & PPE for first-responders around the world, LION Group, has recently announced the acquisition of Elbeco, another...

Driving Sustainability in the Uniform Industry with 3D Size-Matching Technology – An Interview with Tuoc Luong, CEO BodiData

BodiData® was created to solve the problem of matching the almost limitless number of body shapes and sizes to Ready-To-Wear (“RTW”) clothing that is...

Possibilities of Human Waste in Textile Manufacturing

In the quest to find more sustainable textile production methods, entrepreneurs have come up with a variety of inventive solutions, some of which are...

Handling Declined Credit Card Transactions

Handling Declined Credit Card Transactions  When a customer’s credit card declines, it creates an awkward situation for you and the customer. Your first instinct is...

Textile Fiber Innovations – Enter the New Era of Textile Production

Here they are: few new ecological textile Fibers developed in Finland that could replace cotton and viscose. We have listed everything that you need...

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