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The 2006 NAUMD Best Dressed Law Enforcement Award Winners

City Over 200 Officers
Toledo, PD

See complete profile of the Toledo Police Department uniform program.


City Over 200 Officers
Tulsa, PD

Tying with Toledo for the best-dressed city with more than 200 officers is the Tulsa Police Department. This 800-plus member department was recognized for the recent change of its entire uniform program. Gone are the familiar tan and green outfits. In their place is a 100-percent wool navy blue uniform which is comfortable, durable and top quality.

Fechheimer provided the shirts and trousers under its Flying Cross by Fechheimer label.


City with Fewer Than 50 Officers
Baroda-Lake Township, PD

The Class-A outfit worn by this 22-member department and supplied through local vendor Nye Uniforms features a graphite gray Stratton campaign hat with silver braiding for officers and gold for the chief. A long-sleeved gray shirt is affixed with black epaulets, name tag and badge, which is worn on the left. The shirt is worn with gray pants that include a black stripe down the leg. If wearing a full duty belt, the departments standard black basket weave leather is worn; otherwise officers wear a high-gloss belt.

Manufacturers who helped make this program a winner include Horace Small, Fechheimer, Blackinton and Safariland.


City with Fewer Than 100 Officers
Stafford Township, PD

To keep their uniforms looking top notch, officers receive $1,500 annually toward replacement items and are provided with free unlimited dry cleaning services. Inspections occur daily by shift sergeants, weekly by command officers and periodically by the chief of police. Their best-dressed look, supplied for many years by Red the Uniform Tailor, includes a pearl gray Stetson-style hat and powder blue shirt that is worn with gray tie and trousers striped with midnight blue.

Alboum is the departments hat manufacturer.


City with Fewer Than 200 Officers
Township of Cheltenham, PD

On Jan. 16, 2006, the Cheltenham Township PD transitioned to a completely new, updated uniform, replacing the wash-and-wear polyester, dark and powder blue outfit worn since the early 1970s. The result is a high-quality outfit that is tailored to fit each officer. The navy blue uniform pant with royal blue sewn-in stripe is made of a 55/45 poly/wool blend and is offered in two weights: 13.5 ounce and 11 ounce. A second pant option a favorite of officers has a custom-made, user-friendly cargo pocket on each pant leg, replacing the stripe. The navy blue shirt is offered in the same two weights as the pants and features sewn-in zippers, reinforced buttons and military creases.

Red the Uniform Tailor, Blauer and Alitta by Fechheimer produced this winning program.


County Departments with Fewer
Than 200 Officers

Fairfield County, Sheriffs Office

Fairfields program includes wear for its tactical, marine, bike patrol, and Class-B uniforms. The Class B consists of a black shirt with gold buttons, black leather gun belt, gray trousers with black stripe, gray tie, black shoes, a nylon jacket and gray Stetson-style hat. A short-sleeved black shirt is worn in summer, sans tie. All uniforms are purchased through Roy Tailors Uniforms.

Vendors include Fechheimer/Flying Cross, Stratton, Thorogood, Rocky, Spiewak and Gould & Goodrich.


County Departments with
More Than 200 Officers

Montgomery County,
Sheriffs Office

The departments basic look consists of a navy trouser that is striped with tan. Shirts are tan and feature navy blue epaulets with red piping. Neon yellow rainwear provides the high visibility needed during inclimate weather. A blue campaign hat finishes the program.

Garments are purchased by the department through Miller Uniforms, with Blauer being the primary manufacturer.


State Department
Oregon Department
of Corrections

During the 1980s, staff members began attending basic training alongside law enforcement professionals at the states public safety training academy. It was during this era that the current uniform was born, a look that is coordinated by Seattles Blumenthal Uniforms. Two types of hats are worn: a black baseball cap with embroidered logo is a standard issue; the honor guard cap, known as a drill instructors hat, is also colored black. The headgear is worn with charcoal gray trousers with black stripe and either a medium gray shirt for Class-A uniforms or a light gray polo for others. All jackets, ties, shoes, belts and outerwear are black.


Specialized Agencies
Christiana Care Health System, Constables

Aside from its other duties, the public safety department of this health care facility handles more than 110,000 calls per year, which are received and dispatched from a 9-1-1 center. Department members are commissioned by the state of Delaware as Constables and are therefore given arrest and detention powers. Through a collaborative effort with Graves Uniforms, the department switched to a new uniform, colored in gray and black, in the fall of 2005. Trousers are black with a maroon stripe, complemented with a heather gray shirt and basket-weave leather duty belt. During winter, officers wear a mock turtleneck under their uniform shirt.

Suppliers to this program include Flying Cross, Alboum Hat, Boston Leather, Blackinton and Propper.


Specialized Agencies
Shippensburg University Police Department – University Police

Pennsylvanias Atlantic Tactical furnished the garments worn by Shippensburgs officers. The program includes winter and summer looks, as well as specialized wear for honor guard and bike patrol officers. A light gray shirt is worn with gray trousers, jackets and either a campaign-style, straw or baseball hat. These are accompanied by black belts and shoes, and black rainwear when appropriate.


Specialized Agencies
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police Transit

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Transit Police Department provides police services to nearly one million riders per day on one of the largest public mass transit systems in the United States. All uniforms are colored in dark navy; however, the stripe on the pant leg varies with rank: officers have a one-quarter-inch royal blue stripe; sergeants sport a one-half-inch black braid; and a one-inch black stripe appears on the legs of lieutenants, captains, deputy chiefs and the chief.

The honor guard also utilizes a Clarino duty belt and holster and is further distinguished by a one-of-a-kind badge manufactured by Blackinton.


Specialized Agencies
Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Tribal Police – Tribal

This 18-member department is charged with protecting visitors to the Little River Casino, a Native American casino located in Manistee, Mich. The department has both a summer and winter uniform, as well as specialized wear for emergency and K-9 patrols. Supervisors uniforms are accented with gold trim, while silver is used for rank and file. Either a campaign or baseball hat is used depending on assignment. A light blue stripe appears on the trousers of all officers, and this is worn with a dark blue shirt and jacket.

Manufacturers for this program include Blauer and Horace Small; Nye Uniforms coordinated the look.

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