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International Delights: A taste of new uniform designs from overseas

Made to Measure Magazine always features a wide variety of article topics in each issue. Typically these stories are focused on uniform programs and companies in the United States. There has been a recent surge in major success stories from abroad, so we’ve dedicated part of this issue to the international uniform industry. These companies span the globe, from neighbors to the direct north, Canada, all the way to Japan, the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Etihad Airways Wins
Global Traveler Award for Uniforms

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has been recognized for having the best airline flight attendant uniforms in the industry. This prestigious honor was bestowed upon them by the U.S.-based Global Traveler Magazine.

“Fittingly, our uniform, conceptualized by Italian couture designers Ettore Bilotta, is a classically elegant ensemble,” says Aubrey Tiedt, Etihad Airways vice president of guest services. “The simple design is universally appealing, with a touch of our Arabian heritage in the form of the stylish, light veil work over the ladies’ uniform.”

Etihad Airways recently made updates to enhance the look of the uniforms. For example, female cabin managers, who wear a clean grey suit, now accent the look with red shoes to complement red gloves. All male cabin crew now wear the same look, a modern three-piece suit and tie, with different colors to signify different roles.

“Our cabin crew are, in many ways, brand ambassadors,” Tiedt adds. “They bring the Etihad Airways brand to destinations across the globe, delivering the warm and attentive service for which we are known. With only one chance to make a first impression, we are pleased to present our cabin crew as professional and modern. We overlook no details in our service, nor our presentation.”

The award was given to Etihad Airways based on a survey of frequent business and luxury travelers with more than 36,000 respondents. It was presented to airline representatives at the Global Traveler awards ceremony on Dec. 12, 2012, at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles.


JAL Group Unveils New Set of Uniforms

Speaking of airlines, JAL Group, which operates Japan Airlines, recently unveiled the group’s brand new set of uniforms for approximately 26,700 of its staff members. This includes flight crew, cabin attendants, various ground staff at the airport and city offices, as well as maintenance staff. Japan Airlines announced that the new uniforms will be adopted in the first half of its 2013 fiscal year, sometime between April 1 and Sept. 30.

Created based on the concept of the new JAL brand, the latest uniforms are sophisticated and coordinated with JAL’s current aircraft livery and airport signage to clearly project a distinguished JAL Group brand image. With the new attire, JAL aims to promote communication with its customers and provide them with a sense of security. Significant cost savings were an added bonus thanks to consolidating designs across various sections within the JAL Group and by conducting a thorough review of the selection and management of the materials used.

Employees in the new uniforms represent a cohesive JAL Group and will extend the most welcoming and assuring reception to all customers. United by the aspiration to deliver the highest quality of service with hospitality from the heart, JAL Group employees strive to make every customer’s journey a joyful and moving experience.

Designer Uniforms
Set to Redefine Industry Standards
at Royal Plaza on Scotts

The Royal Plaza on Scotts teamed up with celebrated fashion designer Thomas Wee to redesign the hotel’s uniforms in a super chic transformation that is set to completely redefine industry standards. The new uniforms incorporate style with functionality through the seamless collaboration between the hotel’s management and the fashion maven. This marks the designer’s first partnership with a hotel and also the first line of hotel uniforms he has created. With input from the hotel, Wee’s design concept translated into the trendy, vibrant and yet functional uniforms that guests now see on the associates, from the doormen to the chefs.

Uniformed associates were also greatly involved in the decision making process. Colleagues from front office and food and beverage departments were invited to a fitting session where they could share their feedback on the uniform designs. By empowering associates to be involved in the process, it ensures that they are at ease and comfortable at work, which elevates their performance and efficiency level. The new uniforms are also tailored to suit the roles of the employees, which gives them a sense of pride when they don the stylish outfits on the job.


New Uniforms for
Norfolk Fire and Rescue;
New Uniform Trial for Police Officers

All over Norfolk, United Kingdom, there have recently been uniform enhancements for some of the different public safety workers. After the staff voted in support of a “new look,” Norfolk’s Fire and Rescue Service is rolling out new uniforms for approximately 900 people including front-line firefighters. The new dress code includes a navy blue shirt, red T-shirt, black trousers and smart black shoes. The service says that the new uniform will last a minimum of 18 months and is only replaced on a “needs-most” basis.

Police officers in Norfolk have returned to a traditional collar and tie uniform as part of a trial scheme. The pilot program, involving 47 officers in Wymondham, replaces the black zip-up polo shirts and combat trousers that were introduced in 2008. According to a force spokesman, research had suggested that the public regards police officers as “more professional” in a collar and tie. He adds, “The shirt offers a return to the familiar look of the British bobby while maintaining officer comfort.”

While the final decision to roll out the new uniform will be based on feedback from the officers and members of the public, there has been a positive first impression. Dave Benfield, general secretary of the Norfolk Police Federation, welcomed the move, stating, “The federation view is that a return to white shirts can only enhance that positive first impression that individual officers strive to achieve.”